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" Cruiser"   The Great White Hunter- Not just a companion dog!

Patchwork's Made Just Right

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CH. Patchwork's Picture Perfect

CH. Frontpage Winning Ticket of Patchwork

 Patchwork's Come Along Way

 Our dogs are all multi purpose guys. This little guy will be a wonderful Theropy dog for his happy new dad.

CH. Paray's Perfect Storm

     Celia Carr of StageStruck         Alton & Shauna Scaroborough of Snowstorm       Carol Patrick of Goldcoast  

                                                                        Tamara Fossier of World Class 

                    Our Champions

           With a Special thanks to all of our co-breeders 

                          who helped to make this possible

 We check eyes, which refers to CERF. Testing, on all of our dogs 
which we intend to breed. Most hereditary eye problems are 
Premature Cataracts or Detached Retinas. These are the most 
common eye disorders which can be carried in this breed as well as 
some other breeds. This is why careful screening is important in a 
breeding program.

 With our pedigrees, we want healthy dogs. This is our future 
generation of show dogs and life-long members of the family. Also 
having a hip X-Ray done OFA, protects against future problems.
These dogs have non-allergic coats for those who suffer with 
allergies, such as myself. Basically, dogs have two type of coats, 
shedding and non-shedding. A shedding coat would be one like a 
Labrador, straight, short, stiff hairs.  It is the dander that is produced 
from continuously shedding hair, which  bothers certain people. A 
non-shedder is more like a Poodle, Bichon or Bedlington. It is a 
softer curlier type of coat, we call a double coat. However it will 
require frequent grooming, due to the fact  that old hair is intertwined 
with new growth causing it to mat.

CH. Patchwork's Cruise Control

 I have been in love with the Bichons for

over 35 yrs.  CH. T-Ritz Phoenix Rebecca CGC. 

Since then, many have come through our

doors and our hearts. 

She was a Vogelflight & Cobalt breeding. These bloodlines were one of the very first, to be the foundation of the Bichon Frise in America.

                            ​ CH. Snowstorm's Maid N White Satin CGC          
     At 14 months, she won Best Junior at the Houston Kennel Club Speciality. As an adult, she finished her championship while being specialed and was in the top 10 Bichons. 
 She not only gave us joy through the years, as a family pet, but gave us wonderful offspring, such as Cruiser, her son, our foundation stud by  CH. Gold Coast Spot.

Our Bichons

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